Rise Up For Change 2021: Demands

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(Rise Up For Change 2021)

> Start from the narrative we have worked on (draft about to be adopted or not during our next plenary)

See the narrative proposal here from the narrative subworking group of the Strategy WG :


> Make our new demands as sharp and short as possible (request from our 2020 debrieffing)

> Connect with the demands about finance we had last year + new demands to the new actors we are also facing (SNB/FINMA)

Summary of previous demands File:FinancialDemandsExisting.pdf

Regarding SNB/FINMA : See proposal here File:SNBkey.pdf

> Connect with the demands or milestone concepts of affected groups/communities regarding to fossil finance

Link with demands from marginalized social groups (about just recovery) and from indigenous people facing extractivism & fossil finance.

See the letter from 40 leading indigenous women demanding to financial institutions to "stop financing, investing in, and insuring the expansion of tar sands oil extraction, transport, and refining, and commit to phasing out support for tar sands oil." https://d99d2e8d-06c9-433b-915d-f6e381b1acd4.usrfiles.com/ugd/d99d2e_d74cf8f06b194a8cb1c96b6c07ee7713.pdf

See Friends of Earth International, principles for a Just Recovery based on environmental, social, gender and economic justice: https://www.foei.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/FoEI_just_recovery_principles_english.pdf